FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — When it comes to getting a COVID-19 test, you want to make sure you get the results in a timely fashion.

For a Fayetteville couple, trying to get tests results has been an exercise in frustration.

Exactly a week ago — on Jan. 4 — James Harris went to the Cumberland County Health Department parking lot to get a COVID-19 test which were being provided by third-party contractor LHI.

“We went to this facility because they were available because to make an appointment would take several days,” said Nancy Harris.

Two days later, LHI informed the couple test results were available online and that’s where the troubles began.

“We can’t create an account,” said Nancy Harris. “It only takes me to step three (of a six-step process) so we can’t create an account to get results.”

Calling the company isn’t getting the couple anywhere.

“Either they don’t answer, or you don’t get to a live representative, ” Nancy Harris said. “It’s just a recording.”

She said when you use a search engine to find the company online there is a message that the website is down for maintenance. She said it’s been that way since the day of the test — Jan. 4.

Harris wonders if website issues could be part of the problem she’s experiencing.

CBS 17 consumer investigator Steve Sbraccia emailed the company twice asking if they could help Harris gain access to the system so she can get her husband’s COVID test results.

He also asked about the “down for maintenance” prompt seen in search results for the company website.

For Nancy Harris, the inability to access completed test results is frustrating. She says that could have deeper repercussions under different circumstances.

“If I had a 72-hour window for flying it would have been impactful,” she said. “If I wanted to visit someone, it would have been impactful because we don’t know if he had COVID.”

Although Sbraccia sent two emails to the company, he has yet to receive a reply.

The emails contained Harris’s phone number as well as her husband’s patient ID which she asked CBS 17 to pass on to the company so it could locate the files on James Harris.

As of the close of business on Tuesday, Nancy Harris told CBS 17 she has not heard from the company either.