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About 150 still in Fayetteville shelter; 1,300 remain in shelters statewide

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) - At the Smith Recreation Center in Fayetteville, roughly 150 people from Cumberland County are still staying at the American Red Cross shelter. 

While it's been about two weeks since Florence made landfall in the Carolinas, there are still many people around the state staying at shelters, especially those who don't have a place to call home. 

The shelter in Fayetteville is where Joshua Boone has been staying since Friday. 

"I didn't have anywhere to go," Boone said. "I'm alive. That's the best part about it."

Boone said he had been living in a tent in the woods in Fayetteville for seven months until Florence destroyed where he called home. 

"Just uprooted and up the river," he said. 

Cari Dighton and others with the American Red Cross have offered Boone and others across North Carolina a place to sleep and three meals a day.

About 1,300 people in North Carolina are still in about 20 different shelters across the state.

Dighton said many throughout the state are coming back to shelters after finding where they called home is no longer there. 

"Unfortunately, that has happened quite a bit," Dighton said. "As folks got the evacuation order lifted, and they had to go home and kind of assess the damage, if it was not livable, they're welcome to come back to our shelters and stay as long as they needed."

Through donations and help from organizations in the community, Dighton said they'll plan to keep shelters like the Smith Recreation Center open. 

As those like Boone keep their head up and look toward the future. 

"Just being optimistic," Boone said. "Just be happy, be proud of who you are [and] keep striving for the better."

Dighton said the American Red Cross is still accepting monetary donations to go toward helping shelters like Fayetteville. 

For more information on how you can donate, you can visit

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