After 50 years, Fayetteville Little League shutting down

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – Baseball season is just around the corner but in Fayetteville there s one league that you won’t see playing anymore – the Little League. 

The West Fayetteville Recreation Association decided to put an end to the local Little League program.

There aren’t enough kids signing up to play and too few volunteers, board members say. 

Now, the program’s ending after 50 years, and generations who played, coached and volunteered here. 

“My youngest daughter did, she came back and her husband, they coached for a couple years so we’ve actually on the West Fayetteville rosters, we’ve actually had three generations to play ball,” said Retired Little League Coach Lynn Bailey. 

For her, she says the end of the Little League team is like the end of an era, but she hopes one day to bring it back. 

“If we can save it, I think it’s worth saving, and I’ll come out of retirement to help them save it,” said Bailey. 

But the city is already making plans to use the city-owned fields the Little League used.

Other programs will use the field behind Ireland Drive Middle School.

“We have many teams, space is always an issue with youth sports, so it would open up facilities for them to play on and practice on,” said Parks and Recreation Athletic Director Michael Seals. 

Board members say that’s part of the reason they wanted to make the shutdown announcement now, right before baseball season starts.

They say they wanted to give parents time to sign their kids up for other baseball programs through parks and recreation. 

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