FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — The City of Fayetteville marked a very disturbing milestone after a violent weekend.

Fayetteville has surpassed last year’s murder total, with two months left to go in 2023.

Over the weekend there were three separate deadly shootings in Fayetteville. It pushed the total number of murders in Fayetteville to 45, so far this year. Fayetteville Police Chief Kem Braden called gun violence a shared responsibility.

“You know the cops can’t do it all. We do a good job at investigating and solving these crimes,” said Braden. “But what can we do on the front end before the first shot is fired? Does someone need to call 911 when they see an argument is getting heated? Does someone need to call 911 when they know their friends or loved ones are running around angry and have a gun in the car with them.”

“You know that type of intervention and that type of advance notice can give us the opportunity to intervene before that first shot or a life is taken,” Braden said.

He said he’s not focused on the number of murders. Instead, he wants to get cases solved.

“I just want people to know, Fayetteville Police Department we are addressing things any way that we can,” Braden said.

Fayetteville Police are doing several things to reduce crime including more patrols in high crime-impacted areas, using community resources, and using repeat offender programs to help identify individuals at a greater risk to re-offend.

“We are doing the best that we can to get into the areas, offer services to individuals in the communities most affected by violent crime, and identify the people and the places we need to be watching,” Braden said.

Prior to the weekend, there were 42 murder cases in Fayetteville. Braden said 39 of those cases have been solved.