FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – From your basic to more high-end fireworks, it’s all under one tent on Skibo Road in Fayetteville.

For the past four years, K-9 Too Motorcycle Club has been operating a firework stand every Fourth of July in Fayetteville. Yonita Martin, the Vice President of the club, said there’s a bigger purpose behind the fireworks.

“K-9 Too is a club of females. So, that’s why we try to give back to females,” Martin said.

Paying it forward to other women and those in need is the purpose.

Each year, the all-woman motorcycle club takes the money earned from fireworks and donates it to women impacted by domestic violence, as well as homeless children and the Fayetteville Animal Protection Society.

“We have some members from our own club who passed away from domestic violence,” Martin said. “So, that’s why we are a big supporter against domestic violence and women who have been victims of domestic violence.”

She continued, “Our club is featured around community service (too). It’s just a group of women who ride motorcycles, but we really came in it for the community service and to give back to the community.”