As weather warms, small animals could make their way into your home

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – While you might be looking forward to the warmer weather, small animals are looking for places to nest, and it could be in your house. 

CBS17’s Sheena Elzie called the experts after hearing scratching noises in the walls and what they found was a problem getting into houses everywhere. 

“In your vent the bottom part was removed so the birds had been pushing through the little louvers,” said Cape Fear Wildlife Control Owner Tommy Rains. 

He says it’s the time of year that birds called Starlings are looking to nest. Rains says they commonly look to openings in your bathroom vents and laundry vents, then crawl in your walls and lay eggs. Sometimes he says it can turn dangerous.

“Sometimes they carry bird mites with them and I’ve had jobs where the birds were in a bathroom vent and then the mites would just rain down from the vents and into the bathroom, and that’s not a good thing, they’re parasites,” said Rains. 

He says he gets calls about them daily on top of calls for other creatures starting to get in to nest.

“The squirrels are giving birth now, so we’ve got a lot of squirrel calls, the female will tend to look for an attic to have her young, we’ve got some raccoon calls as well, and the bats migrate during the winter months, they’re coming back, I’m at a house right now in Pinehurst where the bats are trying to get inside,” said Rains.

He says the only thing you can do to stop them is to try and cover any openings, or call the experts before the problem gets worse. 

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