Cumberland County health providers given 50% fewer COVID-19 vaccine doses from state this week

Cumberland County News

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Cape Fear Valley Health providers say despite a proven ability to distribute COVID-19 vaccines efficiently, the number of doses they received from the state this week has been cut in half compared to last week.

The health care system is joining others from across the state calling for a better vaccination process from state leaders.

Janice Stahl drove from Wilmington to Fayetteville to get her COVID-19 vaccine Tuesday.

“They’re very gracious, very helpful,” Stahl said. “I think once it gets to a place like this, there is no issue, it’s just getting it here.”

Spencer Cummings helps run the vaccine clinic at Cape Fear Valley’s Health Pavilion North.

“It seems like we have a smooth operation going here, and we love serving the community,” Cummings said. “The more vaccines we get, the better we are at serving the community.”

Cape Fear Valley Health is part of the North Carolina Healthcare Association.

The NCHA sent a letter to Governor Roy Cooper this week, calling for more transparency and a better allocation plan.

“We are frequently in communication with our state leaders because it’s not about who is performing best, it’s about how we can get vaccines into people’s arms,” said Cape Fear Valley Health Dr. Michael Zappa.

Cape Fear received 10,000 doses last week, and only 5,000 this week.

“In terms of number of doses given, we are in the top two (in the state) in terms of getting doses out,” Dr. Zappa said. “We are able to get out 2,500 doses in a day.”

Dr. Zappa says the state can help by shifting doses to them until others areas can operate more efficiently.

“Find those doses that are sitting on shelves in places that are not as efficient, that haven’t figured their process out, and while they’re figuring it out, let us give them,” Dr. Zappa said. “Then when they’ve got their process figured out, re-up their supply.”

Dr. Zappa said a willingness to adapt and quickly problem solve are traits that have helped them operate vaccine clinics efficiently, similar to working in emergency medicine.

“Things pop up all the time that don’t go according to our plan,” Dr. Zappa said. “So what I would ask of our legislative leaders is to get in a room, shut the door, and until they have figured out how to get these vaccines to us quicker, nobody goes home.”

Next week the state plans to send 84,000 out of 120,000 doses to counties based on population.

The remaining doses next week will help balance the unequal distribution from this week.

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