FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — On Wednesday, there was a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new state of the art Cumberland County Emergency Services Center on Executive Place in Fayetteville.

The new building will house Cumberland County’s 911 call center, Fire Marshal’s Office, Emergency Management and Emergency Operations Center.

The facility has a spacious workspace to maximize communications efforts, as well as technology upgrades to improve response efficiency.

“It’s going allow us to have more room, more space for planning. We are in a very cramped space now. Now we can do our planning, we are not stumbling over each other,” Gene Booth, Director of Cumberland County Emergency Services said.

The Cumberland County Emergency Services Center has next generation 911 equipment inside, including a phone system with text-to-911 capability. It will also allow for rapid call routing to other 911 centers in the event the facility must be evacuated.

There are 25 monitors in the facility, including a video wall in the Emergency Operations Center.

“All of us worked through this project. No tax increase to be able to do this. This is just tremendous to be able to do this,” Glenn Adams, Chair of Cumberland Commissioners said.