Cumberland County teacher’s aide accused of assaulting 11-year-old student still working

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Detectives are now stepping in after a Fayetteville elementary student said a teacher assistant assaulted him.

CBS 17 reported last week that a student said a teacher’s aide slammed him into a wall in front of a classroom full of children. 

The teacher’s aide accused of the assault is still working at Elizabeth Cashwell Elementary School. One student said he can’t focus.

“I just feel my stomach tightens up a little bit,” said 11-year-old Jonathon Glover. “I feel like I don’t want him to, like, see me.” 

He said he was being bullied and ended up in the in-school-suspension class (ISS) a couple of weeks ago. He said the teacher’s assistant in charge of the ISS class picked him up by the collar and slammed him against the wall. 

“If I go and grab that teacher in front of the class, they’re gonna lock me up, but he can grab my kid in front of the class and sit back in class the next day. That’s unacceptable,” said Jonathon’s dad Anthony Glover. “I think he needs to be put on administrative leave at least.”

The school district would not comment on the details of this case. A spokesperson detailed in a statement what the district does anytime there’s an accusation of misconduct. 

A safe learning environment for students and staff is paramount. When we receive allegations of inappropriate employee behavior, we investigate thoroughly and respond in accordance with Board policy and applicable laws.

Depending on the nature of the situation and the information that is readily available, sometimes it is necessary to place an employee on paid leave to collect additional facts and make a final determination about the best way to move forward.

In some cases, it is necessary to immediately notify law enforcement, based on the allegations. However, every situation is different.

“What would qualify then? Does there have to be blood drawn? Does he have to ball up his fist to hit a student? I mean don’t understand … what …. just very angry,” said Jonathon’s mother Tanya Glover. 

Fed up with the school district, his parents went straight to the sheriff’s office. Detectives are now investigating to see if any charges can be filed after what happened in that classroom. 

CBS 17 has not named that teacher assistant because he has not been charged with a crime at this point. 

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