Cumberland County woman says she contracted measles despite being vaccinated

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UPDATE: A spokesman with Fayetteville NC Coastal Health Care System said while a veteran with measles-like symptoms was seen by a provider – their test showed no active infection. 

Preliminary indications and the precautionary measures we recommended due to the patient’s measles-like symptoms.


A case of measles in Cumberland County comes as six people are quaritined wish the disease in Wake County. 

Kia Anthony she’s OK now, but last week, she said she went to the VA Hospital in Fayetteville and found out she had measles.  

Anthony says her arm was covered in red bumps when she got to the hospital.

“The rash came so quickly,” said Anthony. “They looked like goosebumps and then they kind of started to redden and spread and then they were just everywhere.”

She showed CBS 17 her medical records where doctors tested her and diagnosed measles – a highly contagious virus that she said she was vaccinated against. 

“I got the MMR, measles, mumps, rubella,  once as a child, and again in the military as an adult, so I have no idea how,” said Anthony.

And she said she had little risks, she works at home, her daughter is home-schooled, and only went as far as Raleigh the last couple weeks, but yet she was about to be treated for the virus.

“They put me in quarantine and they started the process,” said Anthony.

She says doctor’s put her on cough syrup and congestion medicine for her other symptoms on top of the itchy red bumps.

And eight days later, evidence of the red bumps are still on her arm but she said she’s not sick anymore. 

“I’m better now, and now I’ve got a cool story to tell,” said Anthony.

Medical experts say this virus can spread through coughing, sneezing, or a simple touch.

A spokesperson for the VA Hospital and a spokesperson for the Cumberland County Health Department both say there are not any other reported cases and were unaware of this one.

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