FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – Fencing has been up around Fayetteville’s Market House since protestors set fire to it during the May 2020 protests following George Floyd’s death. Some city leaders have called for it to be torn down, while others fought to preserve it.

The city is making plans to remove the fencing around the Market House following a vote to do so by Fayetteville City Council.

The city said fencing will be removed to allow public access to the exterior areas of the Market House beginning April 15. The city said they planned to clean and have the area inspected for safety beforehand.

Fayetteville leaders are also working on plans for repurposing the building. Representatives from the United States Department of Justice and the Fayetteville-Cumberland Human Relations Commission have worked to collect feedback and develop recommendations for how to repurpose the building.

The DOJ collected feedback from a group of 80 residents. Those ideas included using the site for Sunday On The Square Annual Fundraisers, housing art and African American History exhibits, and even turning the building into a community mural.

City council decided they wanted to hear from more of the city’s 280,000 residents, before making a decision. They plan to collect information by July and make a decision around that time.

When it reopens, Market House will be accessible from dawn to dusk. Individuals who would like to schedule a tour should call 910-433-1457.