HOPE MILLS, N.C. (WNCN) – A deployed Fort Bragg soldier surprised his son at graduation in Cumberland County on Wednesday afternoon.

U.S. Army Sergeant First Class William Dubnansky surprised his son Alexander Anderson before Gray’s Creek High School had its graduates line in the holding room for the ceremony. It was an emotional reunion for all involved.

“It’s a huge moment, something I want to share with my dad. I know for him it’s big deal,” Anderson said. “I worked hard, tried to get all my cords, my NHS (National Honor Society) stuff, my honors and everything. So, I’m happy to be able to share all that with him.” 

SFC Dubnansky is currently on his ninth deployment, this time in Poland. He was granted leave to come home to see his son walk across the stage for his diploma. 

“I wouldn’t have missed it for the world,” SFC Dubnansky said. “I’ve missed a few events of the kids’ lives and it’s always been for a great cause. But being home for this was the world. I mean, my son worked very hard for this and I wouldn’t miss it.”

SFC Dubnansky has served in the military for more than 16 years. He’s assigned to the 82nd Airborne and attached to the 18th Airborne Corp as Chief of Munitions. CBS 17 learned the paratrooper must immediately return to Poland for active duty.

“He’s not an emotional guy. (So) to see him tearing up a little makes me really happy,” Anderson said.