FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – “Fayetteville PD!” one officer shouts after ringing the doorbell.

Jada Johnson’s grandmother called 911 after the 22-year-old thought her boyfriend was trying to break in and kill her.

Her grandfather, Rick Iwanski, said the boyfriend was abusive and she was trying to end the relationship.

Iwanski said he explained the situation to officers and how his granddaughter was having another mental health crisis after being released from a hospital.

“I told him about what happened recently and that this is not a criminal situation,” Iwanski said. “Nobody is in trouble here. Nobody is being threatened.”

Video obtained by CBS 17 shows paramedics outside the home waiting with a stretcher to take Johnson to the hospital. But then the ambulance suddenly left.

“Time went by (and) she asked them where the ambulance was and they said we canceled it,” Iwanski said.

Officers were going in and out of the front door. Two male officers stepped outside to chat, and in the video you can see Johnson open the door and ask if the conversation officers were having was “a private conversation?”

One of the officers responded “Yes ma’am. Yes ma’am.”

It’s the moment Iwanski said his granddaughter become even more paranoid about police.

“She thought they were trying to kill her,” Iwanski said. “Then she pulled a gun out of her pocket, pointed it at her own head, and said ‘bring my daughter or I will kill myself right here, right now’,” Iwanski said.

Johnson’s grandparents said she put the gun down at some point. Then she picked it back up.

Iwanski said minutes later one officer tackled her to the ground, rolled off, and another officer shot her.

Fayetteville police said Johnson was shot during a struggle.

“There was no struggle. They murdered my baby,” Iwanski said. “They murdered her right here in front of me, and her grandmother, and her little baby girl.”

Many questions remain unanswered as the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation leads the investigation of the case.

CBS 17 followed up with Iwanski, who provided even more details of the day Johnson was killed.

“Ran over and got right at her feet and put two rounds in the wall, and maybe in her,” he said. “Hesitated a few minutes (and) by then I was attacking the sergeant that got up.”

Johnson’s family wants the officer arrested and reform within the Fayetteville Police Department. They want the City of Fayetteville to invest in mental health experts to work with the police department, too.

“Mental illness is not a crime,” Iwanski said.