FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Friday evening family and friends gathered for a candlelight vigil to remember 34-year-old Eddie Saez.

His oldest daughter talked about her father at the vigil.

”I told him I got my permit and he said it’s time to get on the road. Next time I come over he was going to take me driving and he’s going to buy me my first car and he’s going to wrap it in pink for me. And now, he can’t teach me how to drive,” said 17-year-old Destiny Saez, his oldest daughter.

That was the last conversation the teen had with her father, she said.

Saez was shot and killed Tuesday when two gunmen entered the Southern City Swag Boutique, the store he managed. Fayetteville police say two men were caught on camera and they are looking for them.

“The store and my dad’s life was not the only thing robbed that day. I want them to know that. I want them to know all things they took from his seven kids, his mom, his cousins. I want them to know what they did to us,” his daughter said.

Saez was looking forward to getting married in September and looking forward to celebrating Destiny’s 18th birthday in a couple of days. Now, she’s celebrating the life he lived.

“He’s gone. He’s gone,” she said.

If anyone has any information about this crime you’re asked to call Crimestoppers at 910-483-8477.