FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — On Friday, family laid to rest the Fayetteville woman shot and killed in an officer-involved shooting earlier this month.

Services for 22-year-old Jada Johnson were at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Fayetteville. Family members said they’re going to miss her bright smile, silly humor and wild personality.

A very intimate crowd of less than 100 people showed up to pay respects to Johnson, a CBS 17 crew invited reported.

Johnson’s mental health crisis prompted her grandparents to call police on July 1. At some point, she pulled a gun and threatened to commit suicide, family members and previous reports confirmed.

Justin Moore, Ray Duffy/CBS 17

According to court documents filed by the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, Fayetteville Police Sergeant Timothy Rugg tackled her to the floor during the altercation. Some type of struggle ensued, then, Fayetteville Police Officer Zacharius Borom shot Johnson after she attempted to grab a gun.

Her grandparents who witnessed the entire incident said she was not moving toward officers before police shot her.

Today her grandmother, Maria Iwanski, tried to hold back tears while carrying the urn with Johnson’s ashes to the gravesite.

The 22-year-old’s family did not want to make any statements to the media today.

However, they said she didn’t deserve this, and they want Officer Borom arrested. Borom and Rugg are on administrative leave.

Johnson leaves behind her two-year-old daughter, LaNaya.