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Family of Spring Lake victim not only ones sent murder video on Facebook

SPRING LAKE, N.C. (WNCN) - Tracey Ervin was in tears after she says she saw her brother, Derrick Ervin, being stabbed to death on camera.

The stabbing happened in a trailer on D Street in Spring Lake.

“My heart is in pain,” she said. “I couldn’t help him.”

It happened in Sept. 2017, but Ervin said her family just found out they weren’t the only ones who saw that video.


“My brother’s murder was a show to these folks who stood around and laughed,” Ervin said.

She said it was shared on Facebook Messenger. They went to police, but police say they’re hands are tied — that there's little they can do if someone shares a deadly video on social media.

“Legally can’t we hold them accountable for that, that’s a very gray area,” said Spring Lake Police Chief Troy McDuffie.

The chief says that video did help them charge Jacolby Floyd with the murder. Prosecutors said the case is still moving through the courts, so they’re not releasing the video showing what happened and what led up to Derrick Ervin’s last moments alive.

“I didn’t get to say good bye to him,” Tracey Ervin said.

The prosecutor said the case is pending and could end up going to trial soon. The video showing what happened could play a key role in the case, but it’s unclear if the person who recorded it will ever be charged.


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