FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Baseball fan or not, Fayetteville’s soon-to-be baseball stadium could cost taxpayers millions more than estimated. 

The stadium is taking shape along with all of the construction in the downtown area. 

City leaders say that was supposed to cost was an estimated $33 million at the start — before the design. 

Now, it’s costing about $40 million to actually build the stadium. 

“We’ll look forward to getting all of that back once the first home run goes out of the park,” said Mario Benavente of Fayetteville.

“Me as a homeowner, and others, we’re already stretched out, so they didn’t think about us when they built this,” said Kay Frances Munson of Fayetteville.

City leaders say there’s a reason the cost has gone up.

“We had significant increases nationwide, especially on concrete, and other things of that nature,” said Deputy Fayetteville City Manager Kristoff Bauer.

 “Most of the risk is behind us, we do have debates about how much impact we’re gonna have from the storm and other weather-related costs, but there’s only one person who pays here and that’s, unfortunately, the city of Fayetteville,” said Bauer.

City leaders say they do have insurance money they can use to pay some of the costs, but they won’t have the final price tag or the cost to the city until a few weeks after the stadium is finished.

The project is expected to be finished in the next three months.