FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – CBD shops are popping up almost everywhere and recent investigations of some shops in multiple states are creating some concerns.

“CBD is a cousin of THC. So, it’s the health without the high,” Sirsha Davis, the Owner of Your CBD Store Fayetteville said.

CBD is an extraction from the hemp plant and comes in different forms including capsules, oils and gummies.

Davis keeps data, reports and certificates readily available for his customers at his Raeford Road store.

“I wouldn’t want someone to consume something [and] I didn’t know what it was. I wouldn’t want them to have a bad reaction,” Davis said.

While Davis has taken steps to ensure his customers are informed, two other stores in Fayetteville recently made headlines.

The Fayetteville Police Department along with Drug Enforcement Agents from Mississippi raided two locations of Candy Shop & Kratom in Fayetteville. They found products containing synthetic cannabinoids; some even advertised with fake CBD labels.

“Our main thing was to get the products out that were detrimental to the public as quick as we could,” Chris Bell with the Mississippi Drug Enforcement Agency said.

Bell said the products made several people sick at Candy Shop & Kratom locations in Mississippi. Mississippi City Councilman Robert Deming III reported the shops in both Mississippi and Fayetteville. His Mississippi home was also raided by investigators.

CBS 17 reached out to Deming for comment and our call went to voicemail. Employees at both Candy Shop & Kratom in Fayetteville declined to talk to us.

Bell with the DEA said this investigation is far from over and there could be some arrests made.

Meanwhile, Davis said customers should ask CBD store employees these questions before making a purchase:

“Where did you get your product from? Who is your source? Where does it come from? What state does it come from?” Davis said.

He said if they can’t answer the question consider it a red flag.

Davis said also ask for a lab report for the product and see if the ingredients on the bottle match. If they don’t, then that should be a red flag, too.

“You go inside some other stores and smoke shops and stuff they just start selling stuff. They just give you anything that will make them money,” Davis said.