FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN)–Monday night, Fayetteville city council members continued a conversation concerning a detection system that would be installed in high-crime areas to help alert police when a gun has been fired.

Fayetteville Mayor Mitch Colvin said the council voted to authorize manager to execute the contract of ShotSpotter with a requirement of three public meetings. A few council members voiced their concerns of having public input on the technology before moving forward with the next steps.

Mayor Colvin said a majority of Fayetteville citizens have been in support for more safety efforts including gun buy-back events as well as the city’s license plate reader system. He said the issue was brought back after an overwhelming amount of research, passion and discussion regarding some compromise.

Councilmember Mario Benavente of District 3 voiced concerns of the gunshot detection technology. He said, “There’s been a huge lack of transparency and accountability… I’ve asked the chief of police during several public meetings and in private to let me know the pros and the cons of this technology. Every single time she’s refused to answer.”

Councilmember Shakeyla Ingram of District 2 also noted her concerns and said, “What troubled me the most is that we may potentially move forward with a contract where we don’t know anything about. We know what the pros are to its seller, but we don’t know what the cons are.”

At one point, members made a motion to deny the execution of ShotSpotter but the motion failed after a vote. Councilmembers are hoping to hear from the public—dates for those meetings are still in the process of being confirmed.