FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — A Fayetteville city councilmember is investing her own money into a solution for the growing homelessness among military veterans.

District 1 Councilwoman Kathy Jensen and her brother turned their old motel into apartments for homeless military veterans.

Yadkin Villas, located just a one-third of a mile away from Fort Bragg, has 28 affordable units. The rooms come equipped with a refrigerator, microwave and a two-burner hot plate. Dozens of men and women are now calling it home.

“Once you get a roof over your head, you can kind of move on with your life, and everything else can kind of fall into place,” Councilwoman Jensen said.

Government assistance covers a large portion of the rent for some veterans, and others use the money from retirement or jobs to pay their monthly fees.

“If they can’t make it here, they are not going to make it anywhere else. It’s going to be hard,” Judy Ray, Property Manager and Landlord of Yadkin Villas said.

There is a waiting list for Yadkin Villas. Several veteran programs are trying to get clients into units.

“I’m usually the number one go to landlord for veterans because it’s just that easy to get in,” Ray said.

John Green was once homeless. For the past five years he has called Yadkin Villas home.

“It keeps you in a place where you can just collect yourself you know, and just live as a decent human-being,” Green said.

“I’m a veteran myself. So, it does me good when I see veterans succeed or getting the things to meet their needs,” he also said.  

Green said he would like to see more affordable living spaces just for veterans.

“We should have something that we can have as a guarantee for the sacrifices and commitments that were made on our behalf,” Green said.

“The federal government and state government should be working more hand in hand in order to make available housing affordable housing for veterans more accessible,” he also said.