FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – On average 900 emergency calls come to the second floor of Fayetteville City Hall each day. It’s where the city’s 911 emergency call center is located.

In November, voters passed a $60 million public safety bond referendum that included $34 million for a new call center.

“With all this money that we have we like to be good stewards of our funds,” Mario Benavente, Fayetteville’s District 3 Councilman, said.

Now, Fayetteville City Council is looking at another potential cost-saving measure.

It is discussing moving from the current location into a newer facility that houses Cumberland County’s 911 Call Center.

Back in October, Cumberland County opened its new 911 call center in Fayetteville. This came after Fayetteville City Council and Cumberland County Commissioners couldn’t come to an agreement on building a center together.

“I’m always willing to sit down and have a conversation. My interest is always what’s best for the citizens of Cumberland County,” Dr. Toni Stewart, the Chair of the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners said in a statement.

Fayetteville city leaders said there is a need to relocate the call center to a place with adequate spacing and infrastructure of handling the latest technology.

Another concern was the location of city hall between two railroad tracks. Leaders said a railroad accident or natural disaster could prevent these essential employees from getting to work.