FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Community advocates like Demetria Murphy are doing what they can to address recent gun violence in Fayetteville.

“Some people are so numb to the violence that it’s just become an everyday thing for them,” Murphy said.

After being released from federal prison several years ago, Murphy became the founder of Youth Diverse Intervention Group and co-founder of Heal the Ville. She and others continue to work toward ending gun violence and advocate for change.

“It’s time for us to hold each other accountable, stop blaming the police, and stop blaming what’s going on around us. There’s resources out there that can help,” Murphy said.

Saturday night, Fayetteville Police Chief Kemberle Braden addressed three separate shooting incidents that officers responded to throughout the day.

The violent events included two shootings into occupied cars and resulted in six victims with gunshot wounds including an injured 12-year-old child and a slain man.

In a statement, Chief Braden said, “This is not just a police department problem, this is our community, this is our problem, and we must cooperate with one another and work together to prevent these senseless acts that are plaguing our city.”

The police chief also said the adult victims from the weekend’s incidents all had criminal histories that include charges for aggravated assault, robberies and narcotic violations.

In a statement he added, “These incidents were avoidable.”

Chief Braden said this is the second weekend in a row where the city has had multiple shootings. The chief is expected to present the concern and city’s crime statistics to city council members during a meeting on Monday night.

Murphy believes it will take help from the entire community to fight gun violence.

“It’s going to take us a community to come together as a whole to fix things in our community. No parent should have to feel the loss of their child regardless if they were an angel or a hell-raiser… If you’re not ready to stand up, speak out, or help resolve or decrease gun violence, we’re going to stay in the Wild Wild West.”