FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – The City of Fayetteville is expanding its Veterans Park. The new project is known as Veterans Park II and located at the busy intersection of Bragg Boulevard, Rowans Street and Murchison Road.

Although dirt is moving at the project site, the construction has not started. The bidding process for contractors is expected to start in a matter of weeks. 

The park could take up to one year to complete, officials said. It will feature an expansive green space and parade ground, a hero’s walk, possibly a pedestrian bridge connecting the new site to the existing Veterans Park, as well as a parking lot. 

The eight acres of the expansion site became available after the North Carolina Department of Transportation replaced the Rowan Street bridge with the current structure.

Mitch Colvin, the Mayor of Fayetteville, said this project is part of the Murchison Road revitalization.

Additionally, Fayetteville Engineer and Project Manager, Jason Miles, is hopeful they can complete the entire expansion. 

“We got a budget for it. [But] obviously, with the volatility of the market, we are a little concerned about having enough budget for the project,” Miles said.