FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — The Cumberland County Public Library will use a $9,000 grant to fund the 14th annual Cumberland County Storytelling Festival.

The funding comes from the Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County, an organization that supports individual creativity, cultural preservation, economic development and lifelong learning through the arts.

The festival will take place March 1-31, 2023. The festival is free for children from birth to age 12. The “Rhythm of a Story” theme will focus on celebrating diverse cultures– encouraging children to explore, express and embrace their own stories through rhythm.

“The Arts Council is pleased to partner with the Cumberland County Public Library in support of the Storytelling Festival,” says Bob Pinson, Interim President and CEO of the Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County. “We are reaching deeper into previously underserved areas of our community as evidenced by the many new applicants this year.”

Project Support Grants increase opportunities for access to arts, science, cultural and historical programming in Cumberland County.

“We are so grateful to receive funding for the 2023 Storytelling Festival for ‘Rhythm of a Story’,” said Faith Phillips, Cumberland County Public Library Director. “Storytelling and music allow for listeners of all ages to use their imagination as they explore, discover and learn.”