FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – A Fayetteville mom and factory worker is the winner of a $500,000 lottery prize.

LaKisa McKethan, a third-shift leader at a filter manufacturing plant, first purchased a $10 Bigger $pin scratch-off at VA VA Food Mart on Cumberland Road. She got lucky and scratched off a turn on the spin wheel giving her the chance of winning up to $2 million.

On Wednesday, she spun a giant prize wheel at the Bigger $pin Live Event with a guarantee of at least $400,000. She ended up landing on a $500,000 prize.

McKethan said she was grateful for the spin and the win.

“When the Bigger $pin ticket came out, me and my sister used to try to compete with each other to see who could get the wheel,” McKethan said.

She said when she got the wheel, she took a picture to show it to her sister.

After taxes, the Fayetteville woman took home $354,994. McKethan plans to buy a house and give back anonymously to someone in need of medical treatment.

In November, a retired Greensboro postal worker won $900,000 and a Durham cook won $400,000 on the prize wheel. Two more people can try their hand at the prize wheel, while a third person can win a turn in a second-chance drawing.

All Bigger $pin tickets can be entered into the drawing. McKethan is the third person to get a chance to win one of the $2 million prizes.