FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – Capt. Christopher Joyce of the Fayetteville Police Department participated in a two-week public safety leadership training in Israel with that country’s top police.

Joyce was one of 16 senior law enforcement officials who took part in the Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange’s (GILEE) 28th annual peer-to-peer executive training program, a Fayetteville police news release said.

Law enforcement officials came from Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Colorado participated.

In partnership with Israel Police, they were shown best practices and the latest technologies in policing and public safety.

The delegation, led by GILEE Founding Director Robbie Friedmann and GILEE Associate Director Brent Cummings, focused on continuity of service and community policing.

They recognized how hundreds of thousands of American police officers have served on the front lines during the pandemic and periods of social unrest and learned about more strategies to successfully lead ongoing, nonstop law enforcement services while building stronger, safer, and better community relations through community policing a news release said.

Professor Emeritus and GILEE Founding Director Robbie Friedmann said community policing recognizes the need for “greater accountability, a greater public share in decision-making and a greater concern for civil rights and liberties,” the release said.

“GILEE facilitates peer-to-peer professional development programs that build better networks among law enforcement professionals, allowing for stronger public safety and improved community policing across Georgia, the U.S. and internationally,” Cummings said. “Law enforcement executives learn from experiencing first-hand how others police in a variety of cultures, which fosters growth and enlightenment on new ways to approach challenges at home, enhancing the communities we all live in.”

The release said more than 1,100 public safety officials have participated in the program in Israel. More than 40,000 have attended additional GILEE trainings, briefings, seminars, and workshops.

“The opportunity to provide this leadership training focused on community policing solutions is a valuable asset for our city,” said Fayetteville Police Department Chief Gina V. Hawkins. “We always look for the best training for our leaders in order to keep our community safe.”

“The Israeli National Police were amazing to work with and have a focused approach to Community Policing,” said Captain Joyce.  “They work to foster relationships within the communities they serve and it was evident as we walked through the neighborhoods alongside them. It was a rewarding opportunity to be abroad and witness the professionalism and similarities that we share in policing.”