FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — The murder suspect who was in a standoff Friday with Fayetteville police and its SWAT team members, has been identified.

Police say that Raeqwon Mitchell Carlisle, 28, of Fayetteville, is wanted in connection to the first-degree murder of Crystal Michelle Lougran that happened Oct. 11 near Fieldcrest and Cedric streets.

Around 6:14 a.m., police surrounded a residence in the 5600 block of Mesa Drive near where the suspect had barricaded themselves inside a home.

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Neighbors told CBS 17 that the situation prevented residents from entering and leaving the neighborhood.

Shortly after, the Crisis Negotiation Team and Emergency Response Team responded to the scene and began negotiation. After hours of negotiations, police say Carlisle surrendered peacefully with the assistance of his family members on the scene.

“A big helping shout out to the Carlisle’s family. They were able to help in crisis negotiations. That allowed Carlisle to surrender peacefully,” Sergeant Alpha Caldwell with the Fayetteville Police Department said.

A CBS 17 crew witnessed police taking Carlisle into custody shortly before 12:30 p.m.

Police say he was apprehended safe and sound without incident.

Family members said the 28-year-old man suffers from mental illness and police have the wrong person as a suspect.

“Supposedly he’s wanted because he has the same name as a suspect who they are looking for,” Ayana Butler, Carlisle’s cousin said.



“Based on the investigation, the facts of the investigation he was charged for the homicide,” Sgt. Caldwell said.

Fayetteville Police could not tell us if Carlisle was armed or not in the Mesa Drive home. Sgt. Caldwell said officers previously arrested Carlisle during another standoff in December of 2022.

As of late Friday evening forensics with Fayetteville Police were inside the home investigating. A large safe was taken out of the Mesa Drive home.