FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — A man has pleaded guilty in a 1992 sexual assault cold case, the Fayetteville Police Department announced Monday evening. He was sentenced to two 40-year sentences to be served concurrently.

The police department said a man who was charged in the Sept. 1992 case was the one to plead guilty to lesser charges of sexual assault and kidnapping in the case.

Officers previously charged Roy Junior Proctor, 46, with:

  • Attempted first-degree murder;
  • First-degree kidnapping;
  • First-degree rape;
  • First-degree sex offense;
  • Felonious larceny;
Roy Junior Proctor (Fayetteville Police)

Monday, Proctor plead guilty to second-degree rape, second-degree sex offense and second-degree kidnapping. He also took guilty charges of assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill and common law robbery, Fayetteville police said.

Fayetteville police said the victim was cleaning offices at Lafayette Memorial Park on Ramsey Street when she was knocked unconscious. From there, officers said the woman was driven to a wooded area in Harnett County where they said she was brutally beaten and sexually assaulted.

Police said the woman’s vehicle was found back at Lafayette Memorial Park with the words “3 Horsemen” spray painted on the hood.

Although this case received widespread attention in 1992, it went cold. In 2006, DNA collected during the sexual assault kit was resubmitted to the North Carolina State Crime Lab.

While a DNA profile was identified and uploaded into the FBI’s Combined DNA Index System, no matches were produced.

The case was reopened in 2015 after police received enough grant funding to establish the Fayetteville Police Department Cold Case Sexual Assault Unit.

In Oct. 2020, police said they got a “Hit Notification” from the state crime lab indicating DNA collected during the sexual assault kit matched Proctor’s DNA.

Police have not released a possible connection between Proctor and the victim nor a connection to “3 Horsemen”.