FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Kurt Ballash and his late wife started Ballash Woodworks in Fayetteville after he left the United States Army.

“This is a way of connecting individuals on a more creative basis,” Ballash said.

Ballash Woodworks is a business that makes custom wood furniture.

“When I started this, I realized the positive benefit I got out of woodworking and I wanted to share that with others,” he said.

Through donations, partnerships and grants, Ballash offers free and discounted woodworking classes to active soldiers, veterans and their families.

“Military husband and wife came in here. They serve in two different areas of the military. So, they don’t get a lot of time together. They were able to come in here for several weekends and work on a table,” he said.

Ballash said families working as a team on a wood project can create stronger bonds.

“We’ve seen mother and son come in here and really gain confidence and trust in each other in executing a project,” he said. 

“And sometimes it’s not even talking about anything it just being there with someone you know has your back,” Ballash also said.

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