FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Tenants are fed up after they say they’ve been stuck in the middle of leaky ceilings and mold in the walls at a Fayetteville apartment complex. 

Julie Rice says she’s filed at least 10 complaints at the Cross Creek Cove apartment complex. She says the air conditioner from another apartment is leaking through her ceiling. 

“I come home to it completely soaking wet dripping from the ceiling, there are stains going across and above,” said Rice.

She says it’s now creating mold and the source of the problem was never fixed. 

“The wood is molded. The insulation is molded. It’s all moldy in there and it smells musty, and they just shoved it back up in there and put drywall on it,” said Rice.

The property manager said the problem was brought up on Thursday and it’s being addressed.

Attorney Jonathan Strange says there is something else you can do. 

“When people call my office and say I’m having a problem with a landlord, the very first thing I ask is where the house is located,” said Strange.

He says who is called is based on where the rental property is located. If it’s in the city, he says tenants should call the city’s housing and code enforcement to check for any violations. 

“They give the owner of the home a reasonable amount of time to bring it into compliance. If they don’t bring it into compliance, then they are fined by the city,” said Strange.

Depending on a person’s case, he says there’s also potential to recover damages and rent paid. For now, Rice says she just wants a new place.