FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – As many as 900 emergency calls come through Fayetteville’s 911 call center daily.

Lisa Reid manages the center on the second floor of Fayetteville City Hall, but has some serious concerns about it.

“We are located between two railroad tracks. All kinds of disasters can happen with the railroad tracks,” Reid said.

She worries about things such as spills and train wrecks that could force dispatchers to evacuate Downtown Fayetteville, leaving the call center empty. Reid is also concerned about the infrastructure of the old building and not having enough spacing for dispatchers.

“Our training academy is three months long. So, it’s kind of hard to say we are going to reserve the Lafayette room in the bottom of city hall for three months,” Reid said.

A new $33.9 million call center bond proposal will be on the ballot for Fayetteville voters in November.

“We have to have a backup power source, we have to have more than one pathway for 911 calls to come into our 911 center, which we currently don’t have,” Reid said.

City leaders in Fayetteville are proposing three bonds totaling $97 million.

Those proposals include public safety, public infrastructure and housing opportunities. The city said it will increase to well under four cents per $100 in value.

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