FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Lexie West reached out to CBS 17 for help getting answers about how to prevent neighborhood flooding.

She lives in the Lock’s Creek neighborhood in Fayetteville.

Her backyard is flooded and she’s worried her house will flood when we get more rain this week.

“This is just rain, it’s not even a hurricane yet, imagine what’s going to happen when a hurricane happens,” West said.

Lexie West’s neighborhood (CBS 17’s Kayla Strayer)

West is a soldier based at Fort Bragg. She was excited to move into her home a month ago, but now because of the water in the road, she says she can’t even get to work.

“I’m pretty nervous about it,” West said. “This is my first home, I’m not trying to have it flood.”

West reached out to CBS 17 for help after she called the city of Fayetteville.

She says they told her they’re working on fixing this ongoing problem.

“Well if you’re working on it I don’t see anything being done,” West said. “I don’t want a flood in my house at all; it’s scary to even think that.”

Elizabeth Malave lives next door to West. Her yard is also under water.

“I have this mess every time it rains,” Malave said. “It’s stressful for me and my family.”

Malave bought her house seven years ago with hopes of enjoying her retirement here.

Since then, her home has flooded twice — during hurricanes Florence and Matthew.

The water damage has cost tens of thousands of dollars.

“It’s hard to sell the house because nobody wants to buy a house here,” Malave said.

She’s worried her house will flood a third time.

“Yesterday I came back from work and saw the situation and told my husband we need to be ready because the rest of the week it’s going to be rain.”

“We are still in a pandemic, and now my house is about to flood,” West said.

Fayetteville’s Public Services Department is working with the state to “understand what buyout options are for this area.”

They’re also working to remap the neighborhood so future development can be protected.

Fayetteville’s Public Services Director will be available Thursday for an interview about this.

This story will be updated.