FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — A small group of about 30 gathered at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park in Fayetteville late Monday afternoon.

They were rallying support for the family of Jason Walker, who was shot and killed by a Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office deputy on Jan. 8.

Lt. Jeffrey Hash was off duty at the time. He told a 911 dispatcher he shot Walker after the 37-year-old ran into traffic, jumped on his truck, tore his windshield wiper, and started beating his pickup truck.

On Friday, Fayetteville police released three body cam video clips, that included three witnesses being interviewed at the scene of the shooting.

One of the witnesses was Walker’s dad. He told the officer he tried to stop Walker from running into traffic.

Hash’s Attorney, Parrish Daughtry said her defense strategy would involve self-defense, defense of others, and defense of vehicles.

“He’s devastated. He’s devastated for the family of Mr. Walker. He’s devastated for his community and he’s devastated for his own family,” Daughtry said.

A Campbell University Law Professor told CBS 17 there are elements one has to prove to win a self-defense claim. Those include not being the initial aggressor, avoidance and reasonable belief such force is necessary.

Fayetteville police turned the case over to the North Carolina SBI a week ago.

It will be up to the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys to determine if any charges are filed, once the investigation is complete.