FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — A Homeless Support Center is coming to Fayetteville. The center is expected to hold shelter beds and resources for people experiencing homelessness.

The Cumberland County Board of Commissioners approved the move this week.

Last month, Fayetteville opened a new day resource center for the homeless community. The nearly $7 million facility now serves as a one-stop shop for people at-risk and currently experiencing homelessness.

The county says the Homeless Support Center will be located off Grove Street between B Street and Hawley Lane. It will be next to Pauline Jones Elementary School, which is currently used by Fayetteville Technical Community College as an education center.

The county plans to partner with FTCC to provide educational opportunities for people using the Homeless Support Center. Cape Fear Valley Health System will also be a partner with the county to help people transition to permanent and stable housing.

Cumberland County Board of Commissioners Chairwoman Dr. Toni Stewart announced she will establish an advisory committee for the project that will be comprised of two residents from the support center, two business owners, one representative who serves and advocates for the homeless community, and one person from Community Development. Stewart, Commissioner Michael Boose and Fayetteville City councilwoman Shakeyla Ingram will also join the committee.



“The need for beds in our community has not gone unnoticed by the county,” said Chairwoman Stewart. “We need beds, but we also need to change the overall living environment. There’s a lot more to be done to make that happen, but this is a significant step in that process.”

County staff are currently working with architectural firm LS3P to begin working on programming and design of the Homeless Support Center.

The county says they will work with the homeless community to provide input on what the facility will need to make a real difference.