FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Brenda Quick said she doesn’t know what to do after Piedmont Natural Gas installed a regulator station next to her driveway.

“So, what more do they want? What more are they going to do, that we have no control over, or do we have control over?” Quick asked.

Piedmont Natural Gas and its parent company, Duke Energy, are installing the system at the entrance of Foxfire Subdivision at the corner of Yadkin Road and Brookfield Road in Fayetteville. It sits less than 20 yards away from a home, which is owned by a retired couple.

“My husband is a retired vet and he’s on bed rest. He has dementia. So, he already has health problems. So, if any potentially dangers or anything happens because of this to add to that is a real concern,” she added.

Piedmont said it chose to place this station with an exhaust stack at the entrance of Foxfire Subdivision because it’s near three pipelines. Quick said Piedmont told her it would only be a station like the small one across the street. Another homeowner in the subdivision on Brookfield Road is concerned about pollution.

 “I’m two houses down and I can smell it,” Harrison Campbell said, referring to the small station.

“I’m just sorry it [has] come to this. I will never be satisfied with this. I never will. But I’m not selling out because I’ve been here since 1970,” the retired U.S. Airforce veteran also said.

Duke Energy, which owns Piedmont Natural Gas, said it plans to spruce up the station with grass, trees, and shrubs.

“Like that would ever hide a pipe that’s emitting poisonous fumes. We are worried about our safety, okay? We are worried about that,” Yvonne Brown, another Foxfire subdivision homeowner said.

Neighbors said they would be content if Piedmont would move the station further back away from their homes. Cumberland County property deed documents reveal Piedmont purchased the property in December of 2020.

“They don’t care about veterans. They don’t care about people of color. They don’t even care about customers. Everybody in this neighborhood is a Piedmont customer,” Brown said.

Executives from Duke Energy are supposed to meet with Fayetteville District 4 Councilman DJ Haire, other city administrators, and a few of the homeowners on Tuesday morning. Haire said today that meeting is looking bleak after Duke Energy stopped communicating with him on the meeting.

A Piedmont Natural Gas regulator station is installed at the entrance of a Fayetteville subdivision. (Justin Moore/CBS 17)

In a statement, Duke Energy did apologize to residents for not informing them about this project. Since CBS 17’s initial coverage on Wednesday regarding the Foxfire residents’ concerns, Piedmont has placed a black tarp fence around the station.