How much GenX is safe in drinking water?

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The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Secretaries’ Science Advisory Board is ready to make a recommendation as to what is a safe amount of GenX in drinking water.

The state is likely to allow 140 part-per-trillion in drinking water. It doesn’t sound like much, until its factored into a lifetime of drinking contaminated water.

Beth Kline-Markensino’s group, North Carolina stop GenX in our water, had been hoping that the science advisory panel would set a much lower number.

“I think it is too high. I believe it needs to be much lower, as a whole,” Kline-Markesino said.

The science and known health effects of GenX on humans aren’t complete studies. The panel believes the number is at least a decent starting point, according to Chairman of the Board Jamie Bartram.

How can we be made sure that the risk we are exposed to are the minimum necessary, and we are alert to and concerned for and acting on are affecting the most sensitive populations,” Bartram asked.

The Environmental Protection Agency could come to a different number. That would trump the state’s decision. The state is hosting a public information session next week. DEQ will provide an update on its pilot program using carbon filtration, as well as Chemours’ plans to reduce emissions. 

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