FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – Oct. 31 is more than just Halloween for Thretha Chance. On October 31, 2021, her only daughter, 22-year-old Maggie Fulmore, was murdered. 

“I miss that smile. I miss her saying mama I love you,” Chance said.

The heartbroken mother called Fulmore her best friend. She said her daughter started an eyelash company just before her life was taken. Fayetteville Police said Fulmore’s boyfriend shot her in the head and dumped her body in a parking lot. Dashawn McCullum, 22, is charged with her murder and remains in Cumberland County Detention Center.

“She wasn’t in the streets, she wasn’t on drugs, she wasn’t on alcohol. She didn’t have any kids. But you know she said she loved this guy and he said he loved her,” Chance said.

The Phoenix Center is seeing a rising number of domestic violence victims seeking help. Advocates said there is a need for more shelters or transitional housing for survivors.

“Our current shelter for this county only has eight beds and we got thousands of people,” Ze Surratt-II, Victim Advocate at The Phoenix Center said.

Advocates said without secured housing, often survivors end up back in abusive situations, which could end in tragedy.

“No one knows what it’s like to be a victim until they are a victim,” Surratt-II said.



 “It’s going to take the community, the police department and the churches working together to help,” Chance said.

The Phoenix Center recently received American Rescue Plan Act funding from the City of Fayetteville to help with hotel expenses for survivors. Since March, the Fayetteville Police Department has been working with the Phoenix Center.

Without days after patrol officers respond to a domestic call, the center calls the victims to offer services. Since March, the Phoenix Center has made close to 2,000 calls to domestic violence survivors.