FAYETTEVILLE, N.C.(WNCN) – New photos show what appears to be mold and water damage inside of barracks at Fort Bragg. Military advocates say the photos were taken inside buildings that tenants are being relocated into after mold was found in the Smoke Bomb Hill barracks.

Pictures obtained by CBS 17 show water damage. In some areas, the damage is so bad, the ceiling appears to be falling off in spots.

“These barracks are literally falling apart around our servicemembers, and they’re barely just getting acknowledged,” Melissa Godoy, a military spouse and advocate, said.

Mold, bugs, and rodents are some of the things Godoy says servicemembers are living with.

“I’m talking about more mold, more asbestos, lead, more severe water damage,” Godoy said.

The move into these new barracks came after officials with the Army and the post said an inspection in the Smoke Bomb Hill barracks “revealed the HVAC systems in the barracks presented higher than normal moisture levels and quality of life concerns.”

Military officials vowed to move over 1,100 tenants from that building into new barracks with better conditions. CBS 17 reached out to Fort Bragg officials on Monday, but did not hear back. In a press call last month, leaders said they were taking concerns seriously.

“We’re paying attention to every soldier, every room, and our track record is pretty good that once those issues are revealed to us we take action,” one official said.

“If that were true, this wouldn’t even be happening, this wouldn’t even be an issue because it would’ve been a steady fix over the last two decades,” Godoy said.

She said the relocation is happening, but not into spaces that are any safer.

“The barracks that they’re moving the Smoke Bomb Hill tenants into aren’t any better than what they’re being moved out of,” she said.

Godoy said it’s a national defense threat when our servicemembers aren’t being taken care of.

“We can’t send sick servicemembers overseas to defend anyone, much less our own country,” she said.

As of the end of last week, fewer than 300 servicemembers had been moved out of the Smoke Bomb Hill barracks. That’s out of the 1,100 that are expected to be moved.