Fayetteville police said they’re looking for a shooter after someone opened fire near a church Monday night. The stray bullets went into the church’s day care.

Police said the shooting happened overnight while no one was inside the Highland Presbyterian Church in Fayetteville. 

Workers went to open the day care Tuesday morning when they noticed the bullet holes, police said.

“It doesn’t appear that that day care or that church was targeted in any way. It appears it may have been somebody possibly just shooting a weapon out,” said Fayetteville police officer Shawn Strepay. 

The church’s pastor, on the other hand, is not taking any chances. He said there’s a plan in place for incidents like this.

“On Sunday mornings, when we come to worship, we do have a uniformed officer with us on campus and a patrol car here, as well. We do have a safety and security committee and certain procedures in place if the worst possible scenario had happened,” said senior pastor Chip Stapleton.