FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — On Sunday, Fayetteville police sent an alert looking for a silver pickup truck.

They say the truck’s driver hit a man, Moises Velasquez, on Bragg Boulevard near the Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway and left the 30-year-old dead in the road.

“Being able to seize that vehicle you know on a path to making an arrest and what that does for the family it makes it worth it,” said Sgt. Jeremy Glass with Fayetteville Police Department.

Glass said the photo taken by a city camera and a license plate reader in the area led Fayetteville police to the truck.

“We were then able to go back to the different license plate readers that we have and place that vehicle near the scene,” Glass said.

Fayetteville police installed dozens of license plate reader cameras at strategic locations throughout the city last year. They’ve been a crucial tool in solving cases in Fayetteville, according to police.

“Force multiplier, it put eyes out there throughout the city,” Glass said.

Fayetteville police employee monitors city cameras and license plate readers 24 hours a day.

Glass said it takes time to go through the data and footage. They realize time is of the essence while looking for that lead.

“It helps us build that case. It’s one piece of that puzzle that is actually going to help us in our case,” Glass said.

He also said tracking down the pickup truck has brought them closer to finding the suspect in the case.