‘Ramsey Street Rapist’ survivor says accused man never should have been on Fayetteville streets

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — A mother raped 12 years ago while her children slept in neighboring rooms is now fighting to make sure her story doesn’t become anyone else’s.

Kandice Castillo is one of the last known victims of the Ramsey Street rapist in Fayetteville.

“I didn’t even know there was a serial rapist. I was the sixth victim,” Castillo said. “One of the last we know of.”

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Castillo’s life changed forever in January 2008. A stranger sexually assaulted her in her Fayetteville Condo while her two young children slept in a nearby room and her husband on a military deployment.

It would be 10 years before police would make an arrest and she could begin to find closure.

“It was such a joyful day. Of course a lot of emotions came back but it was a sigh of relief that he was finally caught,” Castillo said.

Darold Wayne Bowden is charged with Castillo’s rape and five others. Several mugshots are the first time she ever saw his face.

And what stands out to her are his smirks.

“Looking back at some of his mugshots when he was arrested for these minor offenses — it’s almost like he has a smirk on his face because he feels like he’s gotten away with something,” she said.

A CBS 17 investigation found Bowden has an extensive criminal record showing 74 criminal filings. But we wanted to dig deeper into his run-ins with the law during the string of Ramsey Street rapes.

Bowden was arrested in Cumberland County on Dec. 5, 2005 on three felonies related to a larceny charge. The first rape he’s now accused of occurred 116 days later.

Then, 106 days after the first rape, Bowden was jailed in New Hanover County for driving on a revoked license.

Just 38 days later on August 23, 2006, the second rape occurred.

After that 173 days passed and there was no jail time for Bowden before a third rape on Feb. 12, 2007.

Then, eight days later Bowden was jailed again in New Hanover County for driving on a revoked license offense. That was Feb. 20, 2007 — just 14 days later on March 6, 2007, a fourth rape was reported.

Twenty-nine days after that, Bowden was jailed in Cumberland County on the larceny charge from December 2005.

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Two more rapes were committed in September 2007 and then Castillo’s rape in January 2008.

More than a decade later police used a genealogy website to match Bowden to DNA evidence collected at several of the rape scenes.

Bowden’s criminal record included felonies but did not meet the guidelines for DNA collection in North Carolina. Castillo thinks the laws should be changed.

“To hear that he had that many run-ins with the law and maybe if something like DNA or something could’ve been collected a lot of this would have never been able to happen,” Castillo said.

She has joined forces with fellow Ramsey Street survivor Kobi Haschen.

Darold Wayne Bowden who is accused of being the Ramsey Street Rapist

Together they have vowed to change legislation in North Carolina to stop those with extensive criminal records like Bowden from skirting the law – especially when their DNA could possibly help to solve other crimes they may have committed.

“We are survivors and we are both wanting to turn this awful experience into something positive,” said Castillo.

Castillo said she still struggles with feeling victimized a second time when the complex she lived in, King’s Grant Condominiums actually billed her for the damage done by her attacker as he broke into her home.

They also charged her for the pieces of carpet, the door knobs and the window screens taken by the Fayetteville Police Department as evidence.

As for Bowden, he is still awaiting trial in connection with the rapes.

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