FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Some Fort Bragg soldiers are living out of duffle bags until they find a new home.

Nearly 1,200 Fort Bragg soldiers are being forced to move out of Smoke Bomb Hill Barracks on the post, due to mold, HVAC issues, and other concerns.

Now some of the soldiers are scrambling to find housing off the post. Fort Bragg leaders said at least 35 soldiers are living in hotels on post until they find more permanent housing.

“We anticipate the folks seeking residence out in the community will take a little bit longer,” said U.S. Army Major General Brian Mennes.

Fort Bragg leaders said the hotel room expenses are covered by the United States Army.

“Our hope is to not rush anybody out to a place they are not comfortable with,” Mennes said.

“Most of the time when people come here, military, they literally need somewhere to stay, like right away,” said Aasha Holland, owner of Fab Realty Group.

Holland calls herself the military real estate agent in Fayetteville.

With Bragg nearby, there’s a constant demand for homes in Fayetteville. Holland urges soldiers looking to rent or buy — not to wait around for prices to drop.

“I don’t see it going down. I kind of see it either getting stagnant or going up a little bit more,” Holland said.

Soldiers are supposed to receive dislocation allowances to offset some of the moving expenses.