FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Fayetteville neighbors are upset after thousands of dollars worth of specialized tools were stolen from the Habitat for Humanity job site at Oakridge Estates.

The group is still trying to complete 10 more homes by Christmas despite the latest setback.

“They cut the locks on the back of the trailer, opened the trailer and then took the tools,” said Fayetteville Area Habitat for Humanity CEO Ron Gunter.

About $9,300 worth of tools were stolen from the trailer on the night of Sept. 22, Gunter said.

“That is a tremendous loss for us because these are on loan to us,” Gunter said. “We will have to replace them before we return the trailer.”

The tools were on loan from Tool Bank, a non-profit group in Virginia.

Earlier this year, someone stole a Habitat for Humanity trailer filled with tools worth about $7,000 from the same spot.

“Most people have the same response, why would someone do that to an organization that does so much good for the community?” Gunter said.

More than 20 homes have been built at the site so far.

Tichella Britton’s family moved to Oakridge Estates in March.

“I still can’t describe it, now my kids still say we can’t believe that we actually have a house,” Britton said. “It’s still surreal.”

Britton has a message for the thieves.

“Go get a job and buy your own stuff quit stealing people’s stuff,” Britton said. “There are people out here who really need things and it’s people like Habitat for Humanity who help them get it.”

An online fundraiser has raised more than $3,000 to help replace the stolen tools.

“It’s not going to deter us in what we do,” Gunter said.

Fayetteville police confirm officers are actively investigating the case.