FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — For people who are making online purchases, they better beware, as it’s also the season for porch pirates.

On Oct. 24, a doorbell camera caught a woman wearing an Amazon vest stealing a package off a porch, Cumberland County sheriff’s deputies said. Inside the package was a $1,400 cellphone.

“A lot of people are riding by your home and if it’s just sitting there on the porch that kind of open the opportunity for them,” Sgt. Mickey Locklear with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office said.

(Justin Moore/CBS 17)

Amazon told CBS 17 that it is looking into the incident and will work with police as they continue to investigate.

“When we have limited information, it can be rough for detectives that’s why we reached out to the public,” Locklear said.

He said having security systems and doorbell cameras can help scare off thieves.

“Key things to kind of remember is if you’re having packages delivered, have a neighbor to come over or request delivery confirmation where somebody has to sign for it,” he said.

Amazon offers secured package pick-up at multiple locations across North Carolina. FedEx and UPS will allow you to redirect your packages to places like Walgreens and grocery store locations for a safe pickup.