FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — After two separate incidents were reported by churches who were concerned about being targeted, the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office made a statement Monday afternoon.

While the specific churches were not named, Sgt. Mickey Locklear said one had been vandalized while another received multiple threats in recent days.

Concerns raised by the churches suggested the threats and vandalism were carried out by hate groups. However, the sheriff’s office said it has no evidence nor reason to believe the crimes were committed by hate groups. There is also no evidence that ties the two incidents together.

Regardless to the origin of the events, the sheriff’s office said it “will not tolerate any hateful behavior or acts toward our businesses, churches, or our citizens.”

“We want to remind everyone to remain vigilant in the community and call 911 to report any problems,” the statement also said.



Anyone whose church, business, or home has security cameras is reminded to check them to make sure they are in working order. If your business or church has parking lot lights, the sheriff’s office encourages to make sure they are operating normally so that outside areas are well-lit for customers and congregation members.

As always, the sheriff’s office reinforces—”if you see something, say something.”

Any tips or information in a non-emergency setting can be called into the sheriff’s office at 910-323-1500.