FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Cumberland County could be facing two lawsuits, one from the mother of a plane crash victim and the other suit from a whistleblower. 

Dominique Northcutt remains in a coma more than three months after a plane crash at Gray’s Creek Airport in Cumberland County. She suffered a severe brain injury in that crash. 

“It’s literally killing me on the inside, slowly but surely,” Jerolyn Northcutt, Dominique’s mother said. “She’s just a bubbly, outgoing person.”

Dominique Northcutt went to an aviation career day sponsored by Cumberland County Workforce Development at Gray’s Creek Airport.

Part of that event allowed students to go up in a plane. Northcutt, 25, was one of four people aboard when it crashed. 

“Had the county listened, this young lady would not be experiencing, what she’s experiencing. Nor the other victims,” said Kimberly Cribb, a former Cumberland County Workforce Development employee. 

Cribb said she reached out to Northcutt’s attorney, Allen Rogers, hoping to share her experiences.

After more than 23 years with the county, Cribb was fired.

The notice of dismissal shows Cribb went to the Board of Commissioners and County Management, making multiple allegations about Workforce Development Department Head, Nedra Rodriguez. 

The county investigated and determined the claims “were unfounded and made for the sole purpose of discrediting Rodriguez.” Cribb was fired back in June 2018. 

“Somebody else needed to know that things could have been different,” Cribb said.

“Why wouldn’t you listen to someone?” Jerolyn Northcutt asked.

Under state law, whistleblowers are not protected at the county level.

Still, Cribb said she intends to file a lawsuit.

Northcutt said her daughter doesn’t have health insurance. She, too, plans to sue the county.