Victims of robbery, a Fort Bragg soldier and his roommate seek justice

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — A Fort Bragg soldier and his roommate reached out to CBS 17 for help after they say they don’t think Fayetteville police are doing enough to find and arrest the suspects who broke into their home.

“They broke in through this windowpane right here, reached in, ripped out the burglar bar,” A.J. Brummer showed CBS 17 how two burglars got into the Fayetteville house where he lives.

The crime happened Tuesday afternoon.

He says his gun and some electronics were stolen from the home.

“A weird mixture of anger and sadness,” Brummer said. “It’s emotionally annoying, financially and then you’re just worried every time you leave the house, what could get stolen when could they do it.”

Pictures from a security camera show one of the suspects breaking in Tuesday.

The house was also broken into last October. Brummer says three guns were stolen then.

“They broke in, they ripped open the locked closet, they got guns.”

He thinks it’s the same two suspects as last time.

“Broke in the same way, stole the same kind of stuff, left the same kind of stuff that I thought would have been stolen,” Brummer said. “We were trying to light a fire under the police department the last time it happened, and we ended up just getting burned out because they just didn’t want to do anything – this time we just don’t want that to happen.”

“These things do take time, even if you do know 100 percent in your heart who this person is, it’s still a matter of proving it,” said Fayetteville Police Sgt. Jeremy Glass.

Sgt. Glass says a K-9 was used for tracking, fingerprints were taken, neighbors were questioned, security images were reviewed and the case has been assigned to a detective.

“We are doing everything we can to fight property crime; it’s not going away,” Glass said. “The best we can do is take all the information, the leads that we’ve been given, and go forward with those.”

Officers recommend locking guns in a safe and making sure to have serial numbers for all electronics, which they say did not happen in this case.

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