FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – A Fayetteville man locked up for nearly a decade is now out and opening up about it and using his experience to help others. 

Lemar Dasher was locked up in federal prison for eight years after he robbed the same bank in Garner twice. He said he was robbing the bank to get money to get high. He was homeless in Raleigh and Charlotte after serving his time.

“I couldn’t eat unless I smoked. I couldn’t sleep unless I smoked. I couldn’t even work — (just) chasing the next high,” Dasher said. “I was homeless about three times. I lived in shelters. I lived in the street.”

Everything changed in Fayetteville when he went through a homeless program at Operation Inasmuch and started to volunteer. 

“I started volunteering and upon volunteering. They entered me into the program (and) got me off the streets,” Dasher said.

The program’s organizer, Sue Byrd, said he’s now one of 300 who have successfully gone through their program. 

“We watch it every single day: them come out of homelessness, get a job, restore relationships with their family,” Byrd said. 

It’s something Dasher said he plans to continue. He hopes people will look to him as an example to change.