FORT LIBERTY, N.C. (WNCN) – Fort Liberty has a list of Fayetteville area establishments that are off-limits to military personnel. This list includes multiple bars, strip clubs, party promoters and even the 365 Fast Mart on Bragg Boulevard.

Fort Liberty said if a business has a negative impact on the safety, welfare or discipline of military personnel, it can be placed on the off-limits list.

CBS 17 reached out to multiple establishments on the list, and they declined to interview with us. An employee at the 365 Fast Mart said the environment has changed from crime and soldiers still visit their business. Our news crew even caught a Fort Liberty soldier in full uniform walking into the establishment to make a purchase.

The owner of McCormick Farm Property in Spring Lake requested to be on the list. The establishment has concerns about troops coming onto the property without permission to swim in a creek. There are also concerns about trespassing and littering.

The Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board said military personnel caught in these places are in violation of a lawful order. He or she can be arrested and prosecuted.

The Army said the criteria for placing a business off-limits are based on several things including criminal activity. If a business is involved in criminal activity such as drug trafficking, prostitution or gambling, it can be placed off-limits. Also, If a business poses health and safety hazards to military personnel, such as serving contaminated food or operating in an unsafe building, it can be placed off-limits. Unethical practices are considered by the military as well. If a business engages in unethical practices, such as price gouging or discrimination, it can be placed off-limits too.

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