FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – Fayetteville city leaders have been talking about whether to hand over more tax money for a multi-million dollar parking deck next to the new stadium set to open downtown, but there’s concern over who will get to park there. 

“Make it for everyone and I think it would draw more people down here because that’s what I keep hearing. parking, parking, parking. There’s no place to park,” said downtown business owner Cathy Marsh. 

Back in February, city leaders and developers said the spaces in the parking deck will be leased to people in the new Prince Charles hotel and developments. The mayor says that could all change now.

“Last night, they (developers) proposed adding additional office space, and so that’s a good sign. But, that comes with the impacts of having additional parking demand, so we need to make sure there are public spaces allocated and if so for how many,” said Mayor Mitch Colvin. 

Colvin said that the city is in negotiations with developers about adding parking spaces in the deck for general public use. 

“There are certain spaces that are dedicated to the taxpayers. And, what came up last night, if there’s even more spaces that are available that the taxpayers could utilize as the parking demand goes up,” Colvin said. 

Colvin said the city will decide in the next few weeks whether to pay the money for extra construction costs and add additional public parking.